Google Play 64 Bits requirement and Adobe Native Extensions

As you may know, Google Play requires all applications to support 64 bits architecture from August 1, 2019. With Harman taking over the Air SDK from Adobe, Air SDK 33 with 64 bits support is available in a closed beta.

Meanwhile, please be aware that all your Adobe Native Extensions (ANEs) will need an update by the ANE maintainer to support the 64 bits build. If the ANEs do not receive an update, you will not be able to use them from August 1 on Google Play.

If your app is depending on any native extensions from providers like Milkman that no longer update their extensions, you will need to replace the ANEs to make sure your app will continue to work in the future. You can start porting right now to be ready to convert to 64 bits when the SDK goes public.

Fortunately, Distriqt has a large arsenal of ANEs and is in the process of updating all of them. They have recently posted a progress / status page where you can check which ANEs are already available.

We are currently in the process of replacing certain extensions from old providers with extensions from Distriqt to be ready for the future. If you are using inhouse or custom ANEs, be sure to get in touch with the maintainers to inform them about the upcoming requirement. Conversion of ANEs can start right now with the current beta SDK. The Air SDK 33 beta is available to anyone that will contact Harman via email to and requires you submit to the Air 33 beta license agreement.

More info on the Google Play 64 bits requirement is available here. More info on Harman taking over Air from Adobe is available here.

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